TriangleArt was established in 1998, when Tom Vu and his team developed and introduced the Reference and Signature turntables. TriangleArt’s philosophy is to meticulously design high quality, smart, elegant, and technology driven turntables. As such, we are continually researching and challenging the standard. TriangleArt’s products are made in the USA. We uphold the highest quality standards and utilize the best materials to consistently enhance the precision of all products in our portfolio of success.

TriangleArt has been inspiring music lovers and technology fans worldwide through our collection of award winning analogue playback systems. From our inception to date, we have been diligently working to expand our collection and are now showcasing a wider range of audio solutions from ultra-high-end turntables, to tonearms, cartridges and electronics with Pure Class A, all working together to highlight the purest and most enjoyable listening  experiencee.

Technology & Design Philosophy

In order to achieve the best lifelike sound, our engineers have conducted in-depth research and have studied different aerospace alloy materials to formulate the best balance between brass, copper and stained steel alloy. Our balance of these raw materials to blend the perfect composite metal has allowed us to reproduce a dreamy lifelike analog playback that is unrivaled in the market. Our innovative measuring equipment makes us the pioneer in the development of world class products. As we continue to strive for perfection, we ensure that our products are of the highest quality and standard by making everything in-house at our warehouse in Anaheim, California.

Our Team

Tom Vu CEO and Designer

DR. Khoi Tran Engineer

Gustavo Gonzales Programming Engineer