Our cables are made from cryo-pure Silver wire with Carbon Fiber shielding and treated Rhodium plated Carbon Fiber Plug. The sound is lush, musical and detailed. With the Carbon Fiber shielding, we eliminate all the noise resulting in much blacker background and yielding far more sensory microdynamics. IMG_5615


When matched with our conditioner, you get a spacious sound with a huge soundstage. Incredible Micro-details yield both macro- and micro-dynamics. Each note carries weight and extreme transparency free of grain. Pinpoint imaging does not lose any musicality. All cables are the standard two-meter length, and we believe it’s the right length for most users.

Custom lengths are available upon request.



Conductor: Solid Core
Wire: Silver Single Crystal
Shielding: Carbon Fiber
Dielectric: Teflon
Dampening: Carbon Fiber
Gauge (effective): 8 AWG
Estimated Break-In Time: 200 Hours
Material Treatment:  Cryomag