TriangleART ANUBIS turntable uses the same key technology as its Reference model, including the motor, platter, and bearing technology.

Lighter than the massive 275-pound Reference SE model, Anubis weighs 160 pounds.  Like Reference SE, Anubis comes with a hefty solid composite metal with a 48-millimeter thick platter made of solid composite metal, used to control and dampen all vibrations for better resonance (more below). Non-inverted steel ball bearings support the heavy platter while still providing an intensely quiet and smooth as liquid performance. The jet-black background of this turntable reproduces every soft, inner details with subtle micro and macro dynamics, presenting a tight and articulate bass while projecting a holographic image and a light, airy sound stage.

The Triangle Art Anubis Turntable—Bling and Performance Befitting a Pharaoh





Technical specification:

  • Material:
    Composite metal plinth with precision CNC machined to prevent vibration.
  • Speed Ranges:
    33.3 and 45 rpm
  • Motor:
    High torque AC motor with belt drive.
  • Bearing:
    CNC Titanium ball with Diamond coding. Stainless steel shaft to Drive platter.
  • Platter:
    solid 80mm chrome platter, comprised of special composite metal, the system delivers precision, balance, and stability.
  • Weight:
    Approximate 160 LBS
  • Dimension:
    12 L X 12 D X 10 H

2 reviews for ANUBIS

  1. admin

    I started out by looking at used Triangle Art turntables in the usual spots, Audiogon and USAudioMart and found a couple of older Signature models for sale. Made some inquiries and realized I should call the owner, Tom Vu for some possible advice. Once on the phone with him, I was immediately surprised how friendly and open Tom is. Tom worked with me to basically get a new Anubis and his latest tonearm, Osiris and his flagship cartridge the Apollo. Let’s just say he made me an offer than I couldn’t refuse.

    Less than a week later, a beautiful crate shows up at my door. I did the basic setup after watching his videos, and then fine-tuned the Anubis with a video chat and a couple of phone calls.

    I’m not really a novice music enthusiast and turntable owner. I own a maxed out Garrard 301 with two EMT tonearms with very expensive cartridges, and the Shindo platter/bearing assembly. I also own an AMG Giro with the W2 optical cartridge.

    The Anubis played incredibly dynamic from the start. It literally took me a couple of days to reconcile in my head what I was hearing. My soundstage was massive. Top to bottom and left to right and back and forth. I started playing all my favorite albums because what I was hearing was so detailed yet so musical. I’ve had a couple of friends over just to verify my ear’s findings. The Anubis is the furthest I’ve ever heard into each and every record I played. The background is startlingly quiet, the notes are airy and detailed and dynamic and the mid-range feels like it will reach out and grab you. Then the super tight, deep bass, wow. Tom describes his Apollo cartridge as the musicality of a stone bodied Koetsu, but with much more detail. He is not wrong. As the days go on, this Anubis is sounding better and better. Really, the only thing that may be better is live music, but if I were a betting man, I’d put my money on Tom Vu and Triangle Art and will enjoy this music from the comfort of my home.

    I’m so happy I took the initiative to call Tom and took the leap of faith that I did. It was a big risk, but a massive reward for me.

    I’m going to have Tom build me a phonostage now, that’s how much I’m hooked…..

    Thank you

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