Introducing our latest – and most affordable – turntable, the Concerto, created by requests from our customers. Concerto inherits the same exceptional qualities and advanced technology as its larger counterparts – it uses the same materials, bearing, and motor. Pair this with a quality tonearm such as the Jelco, and you’ll have a gorgeous smaller unit with amazing sound, all without hurting your pocketbook.




Chrome metal composite turntable
AC motor 115V/60hz or 240V/50hz
Platter: Chrome polished composite metal 25mm
External Chrome Metal composite motor tower
External Chrome Metal Composite tone arm tower
1 Jelco SA750 tonearm and SA501 phono cables
 Dimension 8” H x 16 W x 16 D
Weight: 40 LBS
Non-Inverted hydro dynamic oil fed bearing
Up to 2 tonearms can be mounted


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