We are often asked from going to many Audio Shows to come up with more reasonable priced but well Designed Tonearm and after many considerations of the Gimbals, Unipivot and Parallel Tracker – we decided to stick to Classic Unipivot design thus is born “Horus” aptly named as from Egyptology – Horus is the son of “Osiris”.

Horus follow the Classic and Minimalist Unipivot Design but empowered by sophisticated components well known from our Previous “Osiris” Tonearm with the Makassar Ebony. We used Diamond coated single point bearing to achieve the smoothest with simplest set-up for our customers. Various Magnets are used to balance out the tonearm.

The sound achieve from this new Tonearm is clean and accurate but still retain the smooth and extremely musical quality as the rest of our Products. So please, come to our Room at various Audio shows to experience the exhilarating sound of our newest member to the Triangle Art Family – the “Horus” tonearm.




Unipivot Diamond coding Bearing Tonearm

Magnetic Anti-Skating

Makassar Ebony wood armtube (in 9? or 12?)

Aluminum housing so responsive to the musicality and details

Cryo .9999 fine silver continuous pick-up arm wire with RCA connectors

Bearing Magnet which employs the rare-earth Neodymium, one of the strongest permanent magnets known

On-the-flyVTA adjustment

Easy turn able Counterweight for VTF (Vertical Tracking Force) with locking screw

Different lengths 9 “, 12″

Overhand 9″ is 216mm and 12″ is 298mm

Effective mass 15-35 grams

Cartridge range 6-18g


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