To ensure that our Turntables are long lasting and exemplary, we incorporate three key standards to each of our products:

  1. Introduce Sonically, to develop a very musical Turntable with an explosive dynamic that sets off the deepest black background.
  2. Integrate jet-black backgrounds, sending off inner details with subtle micro and macro dynamics.
  3. Incorporate tight bass designs, which articulate while projecting a holographic image with a light and airy sound stage.

To properly choose the right model for you, we encourage you to try our products in person. We strive to customize each turntable to fit the needs of every audiophile.

We will personally install and setup support for -all customers in any location where TriangleArt does not have a representative. We welcome all inquiries and will provide the best technical support to ensure our customers are fully satisfied.

TriangleART’s beautiful and high-quality turntables recreate sounds with accuracy and precision. Its explosive dynamics, subtle micro and macro dynamics, along with tight and articulate bass project a light, airy holographic image and great sound stage. Our turntables are created on the basis of these key standards.