Reference Tube Two Chassis Preamplifier The Best of the Best: The preamplifier is the two chassis version of our reference  preamplifier featuring a matching external power supply further guarantees interference-free performance.

The Reference Tube is specially designed for pure high-end audiophiles who want nothing but the best. With the use of highest quality parts and components, the Reference is simply The Best preamplifier that we have ever built.

Reference Tube002 Preamplifier Features:

Low noise tube line stage featuring (4) 6SN7 vacuum tubes.

Matching external power supply featuring (1)GZ34, (2) 6V6 and (1) 6SL7 vacuum tubes.

Rectifier with double choke filtering (two chokes are employed).

Custom EI power transformers.

Swiss made ELMA selector switches with gold-plated contacts.

Amtrans AMRG premium carbon film resistors with gold-plated leads.

Four pairs of single-ended inputs and two pairs of outputs are installed for ease of connectivity.


Input Impedance: 45,000 Ohms min,110,000 Ohms max 
Output Impedance: 1,200 Ohms 
Maximum Gain: 10.2 dB 
Frequency Response: +/- 1 dB from 5 Hz to 120,000 Hz 
Hum and Noise: -73 dB 
Maximum Output Voltage before Clipping: 45 Volts 
Total Harmonic Distortion: