When I first opened and played the “Triangle Art Signature” Turntable , I was very surprised and definitely impressed by its high quality sounds. The vocals of my favorite artists like Diana Krall, Elvis Presley, Muddy Waters and others are so clear, warm, detailed and alive, huge soundstage I feel as if these performers were right in front of me.

I personally thank Mr. Tom Vu for preparing the package for me, to include Cables, TA SUT, TA ZEUS, TA Conditioner, Amplifiers and the rests. The whole system simply exceeded my expectations. Don’t be deceived by its external machine tool industrial look of Hunk of chrome finished metal, wait till you listen to the first note (sound) emitted by this great machine … and surely the first word emitted by you or everyone else is “WOWW!”

Highly recommended. Excellent job Mr. TOM VU!!!