I received Tom’s Signature turntable about a week ago. As the massive wooden crate came off the truck, I knew I would need some help getting it into the demo room. This crate is huge, but everything was very well protected inside the well-constructed crate.

I have had several turntables come though my showroom in the past few years and none have come close to approaching my heavily modified Garrard 401 table in custom slate plinth with upgraded 25 pound stainless-steel platter, beefy upgraded bearing, and custom 30 pound lead arm-pod. This Garrard is decked out. I was skeptical that the Triangle Art Signature table could come close to my Garrard, but it has not only equaled it, but bettered it by a significant margin. It goes lower in the bass with more articulation, has better jump-factor and dynamics-never thought the Garrard could be beaten in this category, the decay is better, and hall cues are presented in a much clearer perspective.

My wife, who never comments one way or the other about my numerous audio acquisitions, came down into my demo room and said that it sounded as if there was a live band in the room and the bass seemed to be much deeper than she had ever heard it. Granted, these are observations from another room, but these can be telling, especially coming from an impartial observer.

I had the opportunity to compare the Garrard to a popular turntable that retails in the neighborhood of 8,000 usd. And the Garrard made this popular turntable sound like a toy-thin and sterile to be polite.

The combination of Tom’s turntable, my Ikeda IT407-CR1 12” tonearm and the Ikeda KAI or 9TT cartridge has resulted in sonic nirvana here in my studio. In a recent demo for two customers, one commented that he had never heard the demo system have so much drive and airiness. He asked what I had done to the system. Of course the turntable is the most obvious. The Ikeda KAI phono cartridge is also a factor. It is the best cartridge that I have had the pleasure of hearing. The cart is super-fast, but also sweet in the midrange.

It is my opinion that the Triangle Art Signature turntable is one of the world’s best turntables, if not the best. I would love to hear it beat the Continuum or any other megabuck table, and would not be the least bit surprised if it did.