Signature Turntable, Osiris Tone Arm and Zeus Cartridge

I have been a serious audiophile for 20 years. When people find out how much money I have spent on

audio equipment, they think I am completely crazy. I could have bought a nice house, or at least a

couple of very very nice cars!!! That is, until they hear the system…..

Once they do, they cannot believe they are hearing the same song they have heard 1 million times in

their own systems! Their mouths drop, their eyes widen and they sit up in the sofa….. “I can’t believe

how this sounds!!! This is amazing!!” and that is with a cd….

So, once I had “the best” speakers, the “best amps”, “the best” of everything (except cables, I just can’t

hear a difference in cables so I have settled very nicely with the same cables that are used by my

speaker manufacturer) I turned my attention to turntables. What turntable could be good enough to be

the front end of a more than $300K system? I looked at Trans Rotor, Dr. Feickert and Micro Seiki. They

all had their positives and I came really close to pulling the trigger on the Micro Seiki but then… I heard

the Triangle Art Signature. This was at an audio show that did not have the best acoustics at all but it

sounded very nice. I started doing my homework and I researched as much as I could about the brand

and the products. I decided on the Signature with the Triangle Art Osiris arm and the Zeus cartridge. The

table is incredibly gorgeous. Along with my GP Emperors, it is the center of attraction for all my guests.

And that is, before they hear it. It is extremely well built and the sound is fantastic. Whoever says that

CD or high resolution audio sound the same or better than vinyl have never heard the Signature with the

Zeus. It is a completely different and magical sound. You need proof you say… how about the reaction of

a 15 and a 12 year (my kids) old who have never ever sat with me to hear a CD. They simply stood there,

listening for about 1 minute and then sat down and heard all of the Re-mastered Rush’s 2112 side A and

then asked me: “Dad, can we PLEASE hear the other side? It just sounds incredible”!!! That is the same

reaction I get with many of my friends who actually own turntables! “I never knew it could sound like

this!!!” Need I say more? I have spent thousands of dollars in CD players, High Res hard drives and have

played 2112 at least 4 times per month in my house. My friends have very expensive systems but none

of their tables sound like this. Do yourself a favor… Go out and buy one!