The Apollo Cartridge

Ever since I got my Signature Turntable, Osiris Arm and Zeus Cartridge I became a fan of Triangle Art.

Their products are top quality and sound well above their price points. When I saw that they had a new

cartridge that was “better” than the Zeus, it really peaked my interest. There were no reviews to read

and I could not find any people who had actually heard the cartridge. It is substantially more expensive

than the Zeus, so it had to be “substantially” better. Putting my trust in the brand that I love so much, I

wrote the check and got the Apollo. The Zeus is a very nice cartridge. It is fast, accurate and reproduces

sound like there is no tomorrow! But wait, there is a tomorrow…, and a next month and a next year!! It

is called: Apollo! Whatever the Zeus does, the Apollo does it better! It is amazing!!! I will not go into the

descriptions that all the reviewers…. Fast? Sure. Deep? Yes, etc. All I can say is that the amount of

money that I spend on the Apollo was more than well worth it! I would not have spent that money in

another component or cartridge and had received better results!