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Stereo Times' Publisher's Choice 2012 Awarded to Reference SE Turntable

Best of 2012: Gold Sound Award, TriangleART Signature Stereo Times’ Publisher’s Choice 2012 Award goes to Tom Vu’s remarkable Reference SE Turntable. “In terms of looks and workmanship, the Triangle ART Ref SE is a work of art. Sonic-wise I would easily place it among the best available. That this level of analogue playback can be had for around 20K puts it on rare turf.”


TriangleArt Symphony reviewed by Jack Robert 2016 “The TriangleART Symphony produced deep, rich, powerful, bass without any overhang and at the same time the music came across as being lively with plenty of swing and presence that make listening to music a lot of fun.” TriangleArt Apollo MC cartridge reviewed by Danon Han 2015 “The Apollo MC’s spacing ability is extended throughout the depth of the soundstage that those musicians at the very rear of the stage have the space to shine.” TriangleArt Concerto reviewed by Dave Clark 2015 “the Concerto did bass amazingly well with a clean and airy high end. Slam and oomph galore. Nice. And the Concerto was articulate and dynamic, it presented music with nothing that caused one to think anything was amiss. Way sweet.” The Triangle Art Zeus, reviewed by Micheal Fremer “Zeus proved to be a smooth, yet detailed performer that was both easy on the ears and when the music called for it, dynamic and alive with detail. Immediately obvious was the cartridge’s airy, velvety midrange. Well-recorded female vocals were served up floating in three-dimensions on a cushion of airs.”
Triangle Art RA6 Power Conditioner “When it first arrived I was in awe of its beauty but now I am in awe of how it has transformed my 2 Channel Tube Hi-Fi set-up.” Signature Turntable and Osiris Arm “Tom – thank you for bringing back the real turntables, and putting a modern touch on them. I love to see the faces of those that enter my listening room and their sheer look of awe on their
The Audio Traveler reviews our RMAF 2014 room.
“Most obvious coolosity came from the TriangleArt platter spinners at the front of the room. TriangleArt has embraced a design school that teaches that success comes from excess.” – Zeus MC cartridge
“deep breath-tone, texture detail from lowest bass to the highest treble, palpability, perfect image size, soundstage layering – front to back left to right up and down, dynamics from the softest to the most grand; all not just changed, but so improved to reference level of the highest order.” Pete Davey reviews the Signature Turntable and Osiris Arm: “I love to see the faces of those that enter my listening room and their sheer look of awe on their faces. I am proud to say that this is my turntable.” Axpona 2014 Axpona 2014: “Triangle Art Zeus Triangle Art introduced the new Zeus moving-coil cartridge in the Midwest Audio room.” Orisis Tonearm review at “Tom has designed and built an outstanding sounding arm. It puts the musicians in the room with you. The arm creates a vast soundstage that is breathtaking.” – Peter Breuninger Peter Breuninger presents a detailed three part video review of the Triangle Art Signature turntable.
Audiogon “With the first LP played, a Jacintha 45rpm of ‘How Long Has This Been Going On’, it was apparent that this rig was different. There was a layer of analog velvet on not only the instruments but on her voice that just seemed “different.” The only way I can describe it was that it was more toward the tonality I hear from Master Tape playback.” Peter Breuninger reviews the Triangle Art Zeus “The Zeus offers unparalleled detail retrieval along with startling musicality. It truly is the best of both worlds.” Triangle Art Zeus Phono Cartridge “It’s obvious that Triangle Art’s Tom Vu has done extensive testing to finalise the specs and ‘voice’ of the Zeus cartridge.” Triangle Arts Reference Turntable “Initial listen” “There is no denying that the Concerto was clearly swinging way above its weight class in this rig.” features a photo gallery of our RMAF 2014 room. reviews our room at the San Francisco California Audio Show.
“Listening to that track was among the best three minutes I had all weekend, so engaging that I set my notepad aside and just put the music first.” – Zeus MC Cartridge
“I’ve enjoyed my time with the Triangle Art Zeus so much these past few weeks that it has proudly become my reference cartridge. A standing I’m certain it won’t give up too easily.” “Tom mentioned his background in turntable design and we shared many stories regarding our mutual trials and travails in pursuing this sort of project. Here we are, just a short 15 months later, and the ‘Reference,’ a turntable design highly influenced by Tom, is available from Triangle Art.” “…the Triangle Art Signature has taken my analog experience to a completely new level. Coupled to the Clearaudio Stradivari cartridge and the Osiris tone arm (review to come), Music has taken a leap in importance and depth of understanding. Couple this sonic excellence to the otherworldly build quality and design and ultimately, there is nothing more that one could ask from a turntable system.” Stereo Times “Tom Vu, the man behind KT Audio Imports is also the man behind the Triangle Art turntable. This, the Reference SE version weighs a hefty 275 lbs, sports a solid aluminum platter that’s hand-made by Mr. Vu himself. Lastly, the controller is designed by Walker Audio.” Peter Breuninger reviews the Triangle Art Signature Turntable in a three-part video series TriangleART Zeus MC cartridge “Zeus MC is coming from somebody who understands and loves deeply the analog reproduction and medium.” has a photo gallery of our RMAF 2014 room. reviews our new Flagship Ultimate LE turntable. – Zeus MC Cartridge
“Zeus MC cartridge is both transparent and musical with the amount of pacing, that rivals the cartridges up to 3-4 times in quite some regards. This is clearly the product of passion. Zeus MC is coming from somebody who understands and loves deeply the analog reproduction and medium.”
Orange Country Register “There’s nothing like walking into a room believing you’re about to interrupt a jazz singer and discovering there’s no singer. Just a stereo.” “Triangle Art is our choice for Best Value New Turntables at RMAF.” Ray Seda “…the soundstage was detailed, wide and deep…So, too, was the pace, rhythm, and timing, full head-bobbing goodness complete with rich bass and mid-bass without ever getting heavy or muddy as can easily happen if there is something awry with platter resonance or tonearm support resonance, or even motor noise…”