I received Tom’s Signature turntable about a week ago. As the massive wooden crate came off the truck, I knew I would need some help getting it into the demo room. This crate is huge, but everything was very well protected inside the well-constructed crate. I have had several turntables come though my showroom in the past few years and none have come close to approaching my heavily modified Garrard 401 table in custom slate plinth with upgraded 25 pound stainless-steel platter, beefy upgraded bearing, and custom 30 pound lead arm-pod. This Garrard is decked out. I was skeptical that the Triangle Art Signature table could come close to my Garrard, but it has not only equaled it, but bettered it by a significant margin. It goes lower in the bass with more articulation, has better jump-factor and dynamics-never thought the Garrard could be beaten in this category, the decay is better, and hall cues are presented in a much clearer perspective. My wife, who never comments one way or the other about my numerous audio acquisitions, came down into my demo room and said that it sounded as if there was a live band in the room and the bass seemed to be much deeper than she had ever heard it. Granted, these are observations from another room, but these can be telling, especially coming from an impartial observer. I had the opportunity to compare the Garrard to a popular turntable that retails in the neighborhood of 8,000 usd. And the Garrard made this popular turntable sound like a toy-thin and sterile to be polite. The combination of Tom’s turntable, my Ikeda IT407-CR1 12” tonearm and the Ikeda KAI or 9TT cartridge has resulted in sonic nirvana here in my studio. In a recent demo for two customers, one commented that he had never heard the demo system have so much drive and airiness. He asked what I had done to the system. Of course the turntable is the most obvious. The Ikeda KAI phono cartridge is also a factor. It is the best cartridge that I have had the pleasure of hearing. The cart is super-fast, but also sweet in the midrange. It is my opinion that the Triangle Art Signature turntable is one of the world’s best turntables, if not the best. I would love to hear it beat the Continuum or any other megabuck table, and would not be the least bit surprised if it did. www.beautyofsound.com


Tom, I am in Love with your products! Not only do they perform way, way beyond my expectations, they are simply gorgeous. Works of art, each one. Now I just need to get you to cut me a huge, and I mean huge break on the Reference SE turntable! 😉 I have been listening to my system with the RA Power Conditioner hooked up for a couple of weeks now and it is well broken in with over 200 hrs of use. Let me Thank you right now for making such a wonderful component. When it first arrived I was in awe of its beauty but now I am in awe of how it has transformed my 2 Channel Tube Hi-Fi set-up. My system is, in my mind at least, comprised of some very good Tube based Audio gear which sounded wonderful to begin with. Like most things in life, however, it could use some help to get the most out of it. Well that’s where the Triangle Art RA Power Conditioner comes in. It has helped to make my system even better. The RA Power Conditioner has lowered the noise floor of my system, it is actually silent when there is supposed to be silence. When I sit in my chair and listen to music or even a movie I no longer hear the various noises coming from the power lines or video and computing devices. Plus all aspects of the music have gotten better, clearer, more precise, and over all more enjoyable to listen to. I am very, very satisfied with this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a power conditioner for their Hi-Fi. The only down side I have seen would be the packing. While it was safely packaged with the proper foam protecting the component I think it could be improved upon. This is a high end product that has a mirror like finish and no doubt we both want it to stay that way, so a more professional microfiber cover would have been more appropriate. Again THANKS


I received Tom’s RA-4 power conditioner two weeks ago and have been totally satisfied with the results. The unit requires 200 hours to burn in. That being said, I noticed wonderful results the moment I plugged it in. It creates an extremely quiet background for my audio research equipment and brought out details in the music that I never knew existed, very exciting. I have tried many other power conditioners and this is the only one that has not sacrificed the sound, it only made it better. Tom suggested auditioning his power cables too. I had Tom send me two of his new Isis power cords. I had such dramatic results after putting in the new pc’s that I immediately called Tom and told him what I was experiencing. First off the sound had more authority throughout the whole range. Symbols had much more texture and realism. Clarity in the bass notes, from the kick drum to the double bass, very clean. Can’t wait for the cords and conditioner to become totally burned in. Needless to say I have gained great respect for Tom Vu and his products. I think he is one of the few guys out there that really understands audiophile’s and there equipment.


Triangle Art delivers at the highest standards. Tom Vu knows analog and is a pleasure to deal with. If you're looking for a music making machine that delivers on the areas of real lifelike timing, emotion, and dynamics make sure to audition a Triangle turntable. I own three turntables Signature, Reference SE, Ultimate LE and use them daily as a reference standard tool to voice Tripoint Audio products.


When I first opened and played the “Triangle Art Signature” Turntable , I was very surprised and definitely impressed by its high quality sounds. The vocals of my favorite artists like Diana Krall, Elvis Presley, Muddy Waters and others are so clear, warm, detailed and alive, huge soundstage I feel as if these performers were right in front of me. I personally thank Mr. Tom Vu for preparing the package for me, to include Cables, TA SUT, TA ZEUS, TA Conditioner, Amplifiers and the rests. The whole system simply exceeded my expectations. Don’t be deceived by its external machine tool industrial look of Hunk of chrome finished metal, wait till you listen to the first note (sound) emitted by this great machine … and surely the first word emitted by you or everyone else is “WOWW!” Highly recommended. Excellent job Mr. TOM VU!!!

Charles JhonesMarketing Manager, Aster Media

I have been a serious audiophile for 20 years. When people find out how much money I have spent on audio equipment, they think I am completely crazy. I could have bought a nice house, or at least a couple of very very nice cars!!! That is, until they hear the system….. Once they do, they cannot believe they are hearing the same song they have heard 1 million times in their own systems! Their mouths drop, their eyes widen and they sit up in the sofa….. “I can’t believe how this sounds!!! This is amazing!!” and that is with a cd…. So, once I had “the best” speakers, the “best amps”, “the best” of everything (except cables, I just can’t hear a difference in cables so I have settled very nicely with the same cables that are used by my speaker manufacturer) I turned my attention to turntables. What turntable could be good enough to be the front end of a more than $300K system? I looked at Trans Rotor, Dr. Feickert and Micro Seiki. They all had their positives and I came really close to pulling the trigger on the Micro Seiki but then… I heard the Triangle Art Signature. This was at an audio show that did not have the best acoustics at all but it sounded very nice. I started doing my homework and I researched as much as I could about the brand and the products. I decided on the Signature with the Triangle Art Osiris arm and the Zeus cartridge. The table is incredibly gorgeous. Along with my GP Emperors, it is the center of attraction for all my guests. And that is, before they hear it. It is extremely well built and the sound is fantastic. Whoever says that CD or high resolution audio sound the same or better than vinyl have never heard the Signature with the Zeus. It is a completely different and magical sound. You need proof you say… how about the reaction of a 15 and a 12 year (my kids) old who have never ever sat with me to hear a CD. They simply stood there, listening for about 1 minute and then sat down and heard all of the Re-mastered Rush’s 2112 side A and then asked me: “Dad, can we PLEASE hear the other side? It just sounds incredible”!!! That is the same reaction I get with many of my friends who actually own turntables! “I never knew it could sound like this!!!” Need I say more? I have spent thousands of dollars in CD players, High Res hard drives and have played 2112 at least 4 times per month in my house. My friends have very expensive systems but none of their tables sound like this. Do yourself a favor… Go out and buy one!

Joseph MartinMarketing Manager, East West Media

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