TriangleART is a manufacturer of high-end turntable analog play-back systems:  Ultimate LEReference SE , Signature and Symphony SE, Symphony and Concerto.  The six models of our hand-produced turntables are designed and developed out of long years of experiment and an ideal borne of passion.


TriangleART  made a beautiful and highly quality turntable that will reproduce an accurate analog sound and to be enjoyed for many years to come.  1) Sonicality, what you get is a very musical Turntable yet with an explosive dynamics with the deepest black background ; 2) jet-black background, you will hear all the inner details with subtle micro and macro dynamics. ; 3) Bass is tight and articulate while it projects a holographic image with a light and airy sound stage..


Tom Vu, owner and manufacturer is a tireless and passionate student of physics, metallurgy, acoustics and electrical engineering. “The quality vinyl playback was something I yearned for in my early years when my sole ambition was to merely improve upon the system for my own personal use,” says Tom.  All products are designed and manufactured in Southern California.