TriangleArt was started in 1999, when Tom Vu and his team developed and introduced the Reference and Signature turntables. The principle design philosophy at TriangleArt has always been a “think it out” approach combined with continual refinement. At TriangleArt constant innovation, the use of highest quality materials, combined with precision manufacturing techniques and technology result in Truly “High End Products, Made in USA “. All products are designed by Tom Vu, his engineering consultant Dr. Khoi Tran and the rest of the TriangleArt team.

TriangleArt has been inspiring music lovers and technology fans worldwide with analog playback systems that constantly set new standards and raise the bar of music reproduction every day. Our product range now includes ultra-high-end turntables, tonearms, cartridges and Pure Class A electronics for the highest possible listening enjoyment.

Technology & Design Philosophy:
In order to achieve the best, most lifelike and natural sound reproduction, our engineering team studied in great depth different aerospace alloy materials learning how to combine brass, copper and stainless steel alloys to create composite metal materials that are used in all TriangleArt turntables.

Only very carefully selected electronic components are used in our electronics to achieve the truly lifelike playback that properly designed and built analog equipment is capable of.

Our measuring and test equipment combined with our cutting edge pioneering work in composite materials allows us to develop the world class products that have earned TriangleArt the excellent reputation it has.

To ensure highest quality and build standards, all of our products are made in-house in Anaheim, CA USA.

Our Team
Tom Vu CEO and Designer
DR. Khoi Tran Engineer
Gustavo Gonzales programmer Engineer
Roberto Lambert Machinist

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