“I have been an avid “audiophile” for years now and have always searched for the ultimate sound, I may have found it! I recently upgraded my system from high end solid state mono block amplifiers to Triangle Art’s Reference Tube Amplifiers. The build quality is very nice and par for a high end piece and the warm goldish glow around the power on buttonsdo not blind you as some other manufacturers lighting does. Of course the glow of the tubes is nice too. I am using the Reference Tube Amps in a bi-amp situation, I have two amps running each speaker for a total of four amps. One amp powers the woofers and the other powers the midrange and tweeter. My speakers are Gamut RS9’s and are not the most efficient speakers and do take a lot of power to operate. No problem for the Reference Tube Amps. I must tell you that the difference was incredible right out of the box with no break-in hours. My solid state amps were no slouch either, very high end and touted as “tube like sounding”. I am hearing a tighter bottom end with more punch in the bass. The Reference Tube Amplifiers dig down deep and extract notes I haven’t heard quite like this before. More realistic and lifelike, more information is being delivered. The midrange has opened up the soundstage and headroom. I listen to vocals that have more definition and clarity. Also better interpretation of the note from the start to the very last breath of the note. The highs have also improved a great deal. Symbols are clear and defined not compressed or splashy. More detail at the same time more of a liquid sound, better on the ears. I played an LP the other night that I haven’t heard in a while, I heard details I hadn’t heard before. From time to time I like to listen at high volume levels and I have heard nothing that tells me to turn it down and I appreciate that. In my opinion the Triangle Art Reference Tube Amplifiers are among the best, I strongly suggest purchasing them”.

Jay Claeys
Husky Portable Containment


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