Triangle Arts and Eggleston speakers obviously put together a system designed to shock and awe the crowd and rounds out the three best sounding rooms at the show. The system was comprised of the $39,900 Triangle Art’s $17,998 Master Reference turntable, $6800 Osiris Mk. 2 12-inch tonearm, $8000 Apollo moving coil cartridge, $17,998 Reference tube monoblocks amplifiers, $17,998 Reference tube preamplifier, $12,998 Reference tube phonostage, plus cabling. The speakers were Egglestonwork’s 20th Anniversary Viginti speakers ($39,900). The Viginti—Latin for 20—weigh in at a hefty 255 lbs each. The system was very dynamic and Lightnin’ Hopkins sounded great on Going Away. The midrange was very palpable and rich though not sure strings under these show conditions were treated here with the same acumen. My biggest issue with Eggleston speakers is always soundstage height. For whatever the reason, Egglestonwork are reminiscent of early Wilson Audio WATT/Puppy speakers. The older models always gave me a feeling that I was looking down on the orchestra. Here there wasn’t much happening above the top of the speaker.

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