After a long break, we have revisited and upgrade our Power Conditioner with new Ground Filtering and still maintain our Passive Technology so no limitation on current and can be used with Power Amplifier.

To ensure the very best result we are carefully selected Mundroft Supreme Gold/Silver capacitor for filter stage and solid copper with rhodium plated custom made 20 amp outlet.

It’s available both single Power Cord with our Proprietary Filtering Box or with the Improved Power conditioner and come with a beautiful redesigned hefty unit with vibration control tuning, and composite materials that absorb EMI and RFI.

You will immediately notice the large Improvement when you install it with much improved grounding with the Noise Floor virtually non-existing, a totally black background which now allows the details and micro/macro Dynamics to emerge from your system. The soundstage now will appear wider, deeper with more transparency and each music note now with more weight and explosive

Spec detail:

  • Outlet:             8
  • Voltage:         120-240v / 60-50hz
  • Dimension:   12L x 12D x 8H inches
  • Weight:         65 lbs with crate 85 lbs


  1. admin

    Now that I have the Anubis turntable with two Osiris arms, and the P-200, and the L-200, all spectacular in their own right, Tom Vu asked me to try the RA power conditioner and the RHEA power cable. I said, “why not”, as I was thinking that I have a very robust AC management setup and this would be a me too product. I had 2 different power conditioners that were extremely good. I didn’t think that the RA and RHEA would make a difference, but as anything else Tom makes, I was blown away. I was so used to unknown noise in my system, that when I plugged in the RA/RHEA combination, my noise floor dropped significantly and my music was significantly more transparent and each of my amps and preamps presented much more of their personalities. It was like someone removed a filter that the music was going through. Unbelievable. I called Tom and told him I’m not sending the RA and RHEA back to him and I have to keep both of them. These were going to be for his travels to his trade shows. He literally had to make a new RA/RHEA setup for himself. I listed my two power conditioners and sold them. Triangle Art’s RA and RHEA are a legitimate massive upgrade. If you try these in your system, I’m confident that you will have the same experience. If you really want to upgrade your system, please try the Triangle Art’s power management system and your ears will be kissed by the angels.


  2. admin

    I could use all sorts of high-end audio terms to describe what I am hearing but when it comes down to it, it’s a jaw-dropping experience, it’s the cherry on top. Tom has really hit a home-run with his new noise-canceling AC filter products. If you’re looking for a solid base to build a new high-end audio system or just looking for a substantial upgrade, give Tom a call.

    Harry 🙂

  3. admin

    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to write this review because it’s well deserved.
    Just purchased the RA Ultimate conditioner and Rhea cables for my entire stereo.

    Ladies and gents. Step right up and buy.
    Yes I was well should I or shouldn’t i.
    So I did and all I have to say is WOW.

    Now I have well known manufacturers for my power conditioning and cables and there not the introduction cables either.

    Can these new components make that much difference. Let’s find out.

    The process.
    Installed the conditioner and played the stereo. Everything opened up and made my room bigger. Way cleaner. The noise floor has dropped so much that I didn’t know my stereo anymore. Now remember I just got this and it’s not broken in. What’s gonna happen when it breaks in. It’s gonna be so awesome.

    Now installed the cables
    the vocals are cleaner than I could ever imagine. The. Bass is tighter and so clean.

    My speakers are decent. My stereo is a thousand times better and made my speakers sing my stereo consist of

    Triangle Art
    L200 pre amp
    M100 mono blocks
    Reference phono stage (needs to be upgraded) Triangle Art turntable ( Hathor with Zeus cartridge) RA ultimate conditioner Rhea cables

    Ps audio
    SACD player

    Kef speakers
    R700. (Need to be upgraded )

    Thanks Tom for all the help u have taught me so much and I keep learning all the time.

    U have a customer for life

    Dano from WISCO

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