L-200 Reference Tube Preamplifier

L-200 Reference Tube Two Chassis Preamplifier The Best of the Best: The preamplifier is the two chassis version of our reference  preamplifier featuring a external power supply further guarantees interference-free performance.

The L-200 Reference Tube is specially designed for pure high-end audiophiles who want nothing but the best. With the use of highest quality parts and components, the L-200 Reference is simply The best preamplifier that we have ever built.

Triangle Art M-100 Mono Amplifiers and L-200 Preamplifier





  • Model:                                                                  L-200
  • Input Impedance:                                                 50k ohm
  • Output Impedance:                                              1500 Ohms
  • Maximum Gain:                                                    8 dB
  • Frequency Response:                                          +/- 1 dB from 5 Hz to 120,000 Hz
  • Hum and Noise:                                                   100 dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion:                                    < 0.01%
  • Power Consumption:                                            68 Watts (true RMS)
  • Tube Complement – LINE STAGE:                      1-6SN7
  • Dimensions – LINE STAGE: 18” W x 18” D x 7” H
  • Weight – LINE STAGE: 90 lbs
  • Weight- Power supply 17 lbs


Design Features:
-Low noise tube line stage featuring (1) 6SN7 vacuum tubes.
-Rectifier with Custom filtering.
-Custom Toriod power transformers.
-Swiss made ELMA selector switches with gold-plated contacts.
-Mundorf capacitor, Vishay capacitor and high quality resistors.
-2 pair of balanced and three pairs of single-ended inputs and one pair of balanced and two pairs of Single-ended outputs are installed for ease of connectivity.

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  1. admin

    Hey Guys.. They finally arrived!! After a few months of anticipation, my TriangeArt M-100 mono amps and L-200 line stage were delivered! I’ve been a long time TriangeArt fan and consumer. The owner, designer and builder (all machined and assembled in his factory in Santa Ana, California) Tom Vu truly builds works of art that perform better then they look. I’m currently running his flagship amps (TA-350’s) and absolutely love them. When Tom called and told me he was working on new amps & line stage designs and explained in layman’s terms about point to point connections, I was in.. Ive run a lot of his gear since 2004. If he was excited about it, then I was too. All the technical specs can be found on his website. Everything came in wooden crates. Upon arriving home, I didn’t even make it in the house. I opening everything up and proceeded to move it into my music room. Needless to say Deanne was not happy I didn’t come kiss her hello first! Lol oops… I first unhooked and replaced my line stage with the L-200. Cranked up the 350’s for 10 minutes or so to get nice and warm. Well… all I could think was holy sh*t!!! The separation, clarity, bass and amazing expansion of soundstage floored me! The more amazing part is it retained the TriangleArt warmth that I love.. it blew me away how musical it is.. of course Tom knew I was home listening to it.. He called me about 40 minutes into it. I answered and said, are you kidding me!!! He laughed and hung up! Lol Next, I made the quick switch and fired up the M-100’s and let the heat up for 10-15 minutes, let the needle down again on Tin Pan Alley.. Immediately in the drumroll at the beginning of the track I could feel it in my chest
    ! The bass was tight, firm and very fast! They drove my Usher TD-20s with little effort. The really cool thing is the gain can be controlled from the back of the amps. This came in really handy when I eventually bi-amped them with my 350s. that took it to pure music bliss! But back to the amps.. they added a layer I’ve not heard before. Tom somehow was able to lower the noise floor in a significant way. I would recommend these amps and line stage to anyone. If you love tube gear, you would be crazy not to try them. They wouldn’t disappoint even the pickiest critic! A HUGE thumbs up Tom!!! You outdid yourself my friend!

  2. admin

    If you like to enjoy the music with ultra-high-end analog play-back systems, you definitely cannot go wrong with TriangleArt product line.
    I have been using what so-called audiophile toys for more than 20 years. Many gears come and go from my system in the past years. Every gear has its own characteristic. I use the product specification as reference only, I trust my ears more. We just find some gears to meet our expectation
    In the beginning, I was searching to upgrade my turntable and found beautiful Triangle Art turntables. I luckily had a long talk with the designer/ founder- Mr. Vu. He is a very nice and humble person and spent a lot of time explaining all his turntables in very detail. I finally settled with Master Reference turntable with Osiris Mk2 Tonearm and Apollo MC Cartridge. When I set it up with my EAR 324 phonostage preamplifier. I was very impressed with the sound produced from it-very clean and detail.

    A little bit later, I found my EAR 324 was not the perfect matching with Master Reference turntable. Then Mr. Vu suggested me to try his Reference Tube MK2 Phonostage. I am very happy that Master Reference turntable and Reference Tube MK2 Phonostage bring me very high level of LP listening experience. They are a must together.

    Late on, I sent Mr. Vu with the recording of my system sound for him to review. Mr. Vu gave me very humble opinion saying that my system still had a potential to maximize the performance. So I had another long talk with Mr. Vu about his L200 Reference Tube preamplifier. I learned that Mr. Vu is a man with true passion for music. He knows not only how to design his products but using only premium parts in his products. So I took his advice and replaced my solid state preamplifier with his L200 Reference Tube preamplifier in my system. Instantly I can tell my system sound is warm, natural and more body. The vocal sound is sweet and more emotion. That said LS200 works very well with my solid state amplifier. I certainly enjoy this addition of L200 Reference Tube preamplifier to my system.

    Sometimes the upgrade bug seems never let us stop exploring new gears. Mr. Vu is very proud of his latest new design tube mono amplifier M-100 and offered me to try M-100 in my system. He warned me that I would beg him not take them away after the audition. I have never used tube amplifiers in my system before. I like the fast and dynamics of my solid state amplifier. I was kind of skeptical to try it or not. After the second thought, I don’t think I could go wrong with Mr. Vu’s design. So two M-100s are in my system. Since I have never had whole tube gears in my system, I crossed my finger to hear the sound from them. Surprisingly, the sound has full body from top to bottom. The sound is very alive. I have been trying playing different kind of music since. They never disappoint me. M-100 is surely a very good design tube amplifier. It’s fast and dynamics like solid state amplifier. The bass reproduction is first rate. They give me the very different listening experience but in the good way. One more thing I need to mention is even my CD player works very fine with his tube products. Now I am in music paradise and enjoy my music more in both analog and digital worlds.
    The main reason I like Triangle Art products is Mr.’ Vu’s design, implementation and build quality. I definitely recommend his products to any serious listeners. I am proud to be the new member of TriangleArt family.

  3. admin

    Been talking with Tom for a few months now while I was looking for an upgrade to my stereo.
    Tom had a used reference phono stage from Triangleart. This replaced my Parasound JC3+ What a difference. The soundstage and vocals were a huge difference in my room.

    Now I’m hooked on Triangleart equipment.
    So I now I replaced my turntable with a Triangleart turntable with a 12 inch tone arm new cartridge and speed controller Tom help me set up the turntable over the phone it was so easy. My last turntable the audio shop set it up for me. Yup I didn’t know anything until I got this new turntable. Tom has been a great teacher.

    Now I just received the new preamp from Triangleart. Hold on to your seats. My last preamp was 13k. The Triangleart yes it’s 20k but it blew my old pre amp out of the water. Absolutely no comparison. The soundstage Has grown buy a mile. More detail on the highs tighter bass and the vocals so crystal clear.

    A few notes.
    Tom is a great guy and will always help. I spoke with Tom for a few months before I bought anything. He was still willing to talk and help when I asked questions.
    DJR from Wisconsin

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